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• The journal Comunicación y Ciudadanía from the Universidad Externado de Colombia is a biannual publication that seeks to contribute to the debate on citizenship from the perspective of academic and research communication. This publication, open to local and foreign teachers who want to think about citizenship, publishes a different theme each semester.

• The journal will receive all kinds of work, giving preference to unpublished documents. Documents must have a maximum of 20 pages with double spacing in Times New Roman.

• Authors must send their contributions on CD or by email to: comyciudadania@uexternado.edu.co

• Each article should be headed by the title and author's full name. It should include a summary in Spanish and English, which should not exceed 200 words, and 5 keywords in both languajes.

• The contribution should contain title, author name, a short resume of each of the authors (which should include professional title, institutional affiliation, academic position and email address).

• All pages should be numbered, including bibliography, graphs and charts. Critical notes and references must be footnoted and respect international standards for the publication of scientific articles.

• The use of footnotes should be used only for clarification or explanatory notes. As for the rules of citation, the references should appear in the text, between parentheses, including the author's surname, year of publication and pages. References should be placed at the end of the article and must be presented as follows: name and surname of the author, year of publication, title of book in italics, city and publisher. The chapters in collective works should include: full name of author, year of publication, chapter title in quotes, title of book in italics, city, and editorial pages of the chapter. Journal articles should include: full name of author, year of publication, article title in quotes, journal name in italics, volume, issue and pages.

• Selected papers will be reviewed by two referees or subject area specialists. The assessment will be done anonymously, using the double-blind method. This process takes 2 months approximately. The journal will advise the author of their decision and examiners’ comments, and will maintain confidentiality of the evaluations. Once the suggested corrections are completed, the Editorial Committee will render its final decision as to publication of the article.

• When submitting the article, the author must clearly state: i) if agrees with the Editorial Policy of the revista Comunicación y Ciudadanía of the Universidad Externado de Colombia; ii) whether the article has ever been published, and iii) that the article is not in the selection process of another academic journal or publication.

• Articles published in the journal will be sent on magnetic media to the different databases and indexing systems for the disclosure of its contents. The articles are also available on the website: [www.uexternado.edu.co/comunicacionyciudadania], and in the following databases: Social Science Research Network (SSRN), Dialnet and Open Journal System (OJS). Those interested in reproducing published papers, please contact: comyciudadania@uexternado.edu.co